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Available Dogs

Meet FROST! 
See our Dog Information Page below to learn more.







































Please review the Disability Skill Set information and Dog Purchase FAQ below for additional information about purchasing a dog from Compass Key.

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Disability Skills Taught

When we initially intake a dog for training with the intent of selling that dog in the future, we select a specific "Disability Skill Set" to be taught to that particular dog.  By the time a dog is listed for sale on our website, the "Disability Skill Set" has already been chosen.  Please review our FAQ below if you have interest in changing or adding to the Disability Skill Set indicated for a dog.  Information about the Disability Skills Sets can be found here: Disability Skills Training List

Dogs Donated or Available for Compass Key to Purchase

The structure of Compass Key is largely dedicated to personal one-on-one training with a client and their dog.  Periodically trainers are available to intake a dog into their home for long-term training and eventual sale to a new owner.  Because of our limited availability with this option, our selection process to intake a dog is very thorough so we can best optimize our results in training and selling a dog.  If you have a dog that you are interested in donating or selling to Compass Key for purchase, please first review our acquisition process here: Dog Intake Process

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